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The 8 best online AI tools for content creation

No matter what your online business is, quality content has to be part of the equation. However, creating enough quality content for your website, social media channels, and other online platforms can be difficult.

A lot of people don’t know how to do it on their own. Even the pros often struggle to find the time to produce quality content in variety and volume. But we know there are a few things that can help.

This article will cover an assortment of AI tools that will help various types of content creators.

1. Lyrics: Refine writing

Screenshot of Wordtune editor

Writing can be difficult because it is often difficult to put your thoughts in the right words. For an online business owner or marketer, it’s not just about writing well, it’s also about communicating the right way with your target audience through clear and compelling copy.

Wordtune is a great tool if you are struggling with your written word. You can use it to rotate your content, which means it can help generate alternatives to the original text. Wordtune can help you write informally or formally, depending on what works best for the type of message you’re trying to convey.


This AI tool is easy to use; just paste the text in the box or write from scratch, and it does everything else for you. You can then export or download your rewritten content as a text file, MS Word document, or HTML file, among other formats.

2. Grammar: Edit and improve writing

Screenshot of editor Grammarly

Even when you have the knack for putting your thoughts into words with precision, you should still avoid making grammar and spelling mistakes as they can ruin your content. And you probably know that self-publishing can be tricky because you don’t see the article written for what it is, but for what you imagine it to be.

Grammarly is a response to the need for content improvement. This AI-powered proofreading tool helps solve some of these issues by checking for grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors in your writing, and correcting your content accordingly with little effort on your part.

Grammarly’s premium membership goes further by identifying the passive voice and checking your writing for plagiarism to make sure your final piece is original.

3. QuillBot: Writing paraphrases

Screenshot of the QuillBot tool

QuillBot is another tool that can help you accurately express your thoughts in words and polish all of your written text. If you want great content without having to put in hours of rewriting work, this AI-powered paraphrase tool is just what you need. This is great for people who don’t want to be repetitive when writing long essays.

QuillBot will help you make your content more natural by adding synonyms and alternative phrases for each word or phrase you choose. It also has a grammar checker, a synthesis tool and a citation generator.

4. Podcastle: Create and edit podcasts

Screenshot of Podcastle

Podcasting is a fantastic way to reach your target audience, but the process of creating podcasts can be complicated. There are many steps involved including recording, editing, uploading, and promoting your podcast, and all of these processes are time consuming.

Podcastle can help you with all of these tedious tasks. It is an all-in-one AI solution that allows users to create, edit, and transcribe podcasts. AI-powered text to podcast converter tool turns any written article into a professional-looking podcast in minutes.

It also offers easy access to high quality audio recordings through its Revoice tools, allowing you to produce more quality content to grow your business. You will need to register to use the free version.

Screenshot of Let's Enhance Image Editing Tool

Chances are, you’ll take a lot of photos throughout the year but never print them out. You want to keep your memories in a physical format, but it’s just too much work to edit and resize all the images for printing.

Let’s Enhance is an AI-based tool that automatically enhances images, so you can spend more time doing what you love; take photos! By simply uploading an image, the algorithm will improve it based on your preferences and then give you options for further editing if you want.

This tool is user-friendly. Photography enthusiasts can use it for quick fixes, while professionals can use it for more detailed adjustments as well. Keep in mind that you will need to register to use the free version.

6. Synthesis: Create AI videos

Synthesia screenshot: AI video creation tool

Creating videos can help you reach a larger audience, but creating professional quality video from scratch is a challenge because it is time consuming and expensive.

You don’t need to hire a voice over artist when using Synthesia. Choose one from over 40 avatars available or create your own custom avatar. With this AI video tool, you just need to type your script or paste it into editor to have AI video ready in minutes.

You can also add music, upload any image to use as a video background, and add text, images or shape elements to display in your video directly from Synthesia. Just enter your details and you will receive your video in your email.

7. Fontjoy: Generate font combinations

Screenshot of Fontjoy: Font matching tool

Matching fonts is complex. There are many factors to consider, and it’s easy to get sidetracked by the details. Many designers still use trial and error to find the perfect font combinations, but you can automate this process using Fontjoy.

Fontjoy is an AI tool that makes it easy to generate combinations of fonts that match perfectly. It’s like having a graphic designer on demand! You no longer have to go through hundreds of fonts manually or spend hours reading typography. Just try out some of its font combinations and see if they work for you.

Otherwise, keep generating new combinations until you find one that is perfect for your design project.

8. uizard: Design digital products

Screenshot of uizard

Designing a website or app can be a lengthy process, especially when you need to draw your design on paper first. It is also difficult to convert these sketches into high fidelity prototypes that are beautiful and easy to use by everyone else on the team.

uizard has built-in AI technology that can automatically transform hand drawn sketches into fully interactive wireframes in minutes! This tool is easy to use even if you are not a designer. You can use uizard to create amazing design prototypes without any knowledge of design software.

AI is one of the most exciting and potentially revolutionary trends in content creation. These tools can allow you to produce more high-quality content in less time, with little or no experience. You can boost your creativity and productivity with these cutting-edge technological solutions.

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