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The Daily Herald – Launch of the new “Faces of Saint-Martin IV” portrait photography competition

Faces of St. Martin is a popular street art project typically featuring well-known figures in the community. (Photo Collectivity)

MARIGOT – The Collectivity has announced the organization of the fourth photo competition in the series “Faces of Saint-Martin”, the theme of which is “Astonishing faces – Surprise us!”

She specifies in her preamble that the portraits will be “unusual, astonishing, extraordinary, extravagant, original in their composition by the setting in scene, the perception or the reflection that they will provoke”.

The portraits will be placed in strategic places in Saint-Martin and will invite citizens to rediscover the urban environment, tourists to admire the portraits and citizens to get involved in the development of the cultural and historical assets of this territory.

The competition is open to professional and amateur photographers over 18, residing in French Saint-Martin or Dutch Saint-Martin. The first three selected candidates will each receive a prize.

The photographs will be printed in black and white on large “blue back” paper (the size of an election poster or a metro poster) and pasted on the walls of Saint-Martin. Over time the posters will peel and tear until they disappear, the dissolution also being part of the artistic process of this street art project.

The organizers and the members of the jury will not be able to participate. The candidates will be selected from among their 10 photographs by the selection committee, and their work will be exhibited in the different neighborhoods. Winners will have their photographs printed on blue paper in a large election poster format, with their name mentioned at the bottom of the poster.

Applications must be received by Thursday, October 29 at 12:00 p.m. For more information and a more detailed explanation of the rules, submission conditions and judging criteria, contact Carol Tondu, Cultural Action Department, Human Development Department, former Bord de Mer school, Rue de la Liberté; Phone. (0590) 29.59.11.

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