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the debate is launched at Cortona On The Move

You can enjoy the magical landscapes of Tuscany, but an attractive destination for photography enthusiasts lies right in the heart of the region. Indeed, the 12e edition of the international photography festival Cortona in motionfocusing on Me, myself and the eye: the intimate relationship between photography, society and identity until October 2, with dozens of exhibitions, talks, portfolio reviews, conferences and workshops.

Painted or engraved, images have always played an important role in society, even in very ancient cultures such as that of the Etruscans (and Cortona in the 4th-5th century BC was one of the most important Etruscan cities prosperous). It can therefore be the ideal place to discuss photography as a language in its own right.

The omnipresence of photography in our contemporary world is a fact. According to artistic director Paolo Woods, “At this crucial moment, when photography is more relevant than ever and has become a universal language – voraciously produced, shared and consumed – Cortona On The Move comes to reflect on authorship, point of view and legitimacy, about how subject and object intersect, collide and ultimately coexist”.

The 12th edition of the festival reflects on photography as a language in its own right, as already announced from the very beginning of this medium. As this year’s theme is inspired by the title of one of Billie Holiday’s ballads, ‘Me, me and me’Paolo Woods hopes that “viewers can wonder how photography is never absolute, but rather acquires different meanings depending on who produces it and who consumes it”

In 2022, Cortona On The Move continues its research on contemporary documentary narration and the evolution of the photographic medium in order to let it accessible to the general public, which makes it a catalyst for exchanges and cultural growthVeronica Nicolardi, festival director, adds.

The debate concerns the grammar of this same language as well as its rules, starting from this: Who has the right to photograph what? You may not find a definitive answer, but looking at the works of internationally renowned photographers can offer some interesting insights.

Martin Parr and the Anonymous Project (Already seen. A conversation in color), Jacob Hold (American Pictures – I just do things), Stacy Kranitz (Like it was Give(n) to Me), Alessandro Cinque (Will be there),

Walter Niedermayr (Transformations / Dialogue between self and space), Jan Banning (The topic of perspiration), Lucas Foglia (Constant flowering) are among the authors who exhibit their works.

Other exhibitions are related to the AlUla Arts Festival, such as Fast pace by Hayat Osamah or Wrinkles by Hussain Alsumayen. There is also a section on human stories. Photographers for Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), with works such as There are crocodiles in the sea by Filippo Taddei or RIP: remains in pieces by Giuliano Lo Re.

Without forgetting the prizes awarded during the festival, such as the Cortona On The Move Award, the first edition of the festival’s open call, which is part of the constant search for original and innovative stories that have always characterized the event. Zed Nelson, Rima Maroun and Gleeson Paulino are the winners of the COTM award. Nicolò Filippo Rosso with Exoduson the contrary, is the winner of the Premio Ponchielli 2022, in collaboration with GRIN (Gruppo Redattori Iconografici Nazionale)

Exhibitions and events are presented in the historic center of the city, the Medici Fortress of Girifalco and the new location “Station C” near the Camucia-Cortona station. The Cortona On The Move festival, organized by the cultural association ONTHEMOVE, is under the patronage of the Tuscany Region and the Municipality of Cortona.

Paola Sammartano

Paola Sammartano is a journalist, specializing in arts and photography, based in Milan.

Cortona in motion – COTM
July 14 – October 2, 2022
Cortona (AR)