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“The increasing creation of content requires an increased use of technological tools”

ASUS ProArt Labs is the fusion of Pro and Art, created by creators, for creators. It is a comprehensive business platform from ASUS that attempts to revolutionize creativity using technology. ASUS has worked with iconic creators around the world who mentor budding youngsters to learn from the best in the industry and improve their creative skills using the right mix of technologies. Recently, Asus engaged ace photographer Joseph Radhik for a photography workshop. The main focus of the session was to guide budding photographers on how to produce top quality content that connects well with the community. Over 700 people signed up for the workshop, eager to learn more about content production and improve their skills with Joseph. He is an active educator and community builder in portrait and wedding photography in Asia with an initiative called PEP.

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Paramjeet Singh Mehta, Consumer PC and Gaming Marketing Manager, Systems Group at Asus Indiaand Joseph Radikphotographer, filmmaker, creator, shared their thought process and how they aim to host a series of workshops for aspiring people who can interact, connect and learn from the artists who inspire them through ProArtLabs workshops.

Tell us about the collaboration between ASUS and renowned photographer Joseph Radhik. What is your goal and who is your audience?

Paramjeet Singh Mehta: We launched ProArtLabs with the goal of educating budding content creators on content creation tips and tricks from top industry professionalsby using ASUS Creators Series laptops. We aim to organize a series of workshops for budding People who can interact, connect and learn from the artists who inspire them through ProArt Labs workshops. Recently, we collaborated with photographer ace Joseph Radhik for a similar workshop. The goal of the session was to guide budding photographers on how to produce top quality content that connects well with the community. Over 700 people signed up for the workshop, eager to learn more about content production and improve their skills with Joseph.

How do you plan to leverage this association for ASUS and how will it benefit the brand?

Paramjeet Singh Mehta: As the digital age continues to grow at a rapid pace, we see a lot of content/information being created every day, which requires increased use of technologically advanced hardware and tools, and with that, people have need a platform where they can learn and create better content. We’ve worked with creators like @ArtGuyRob (a famous Indian creative host and digital artist) to make your Instagram post more engaging, and we’ve also worked with @DynamoGaming (India’s top eSports gamer and streamer) to teach the fundamentals of online connection. games and streaming.

ASUS ProArt Labs is a one-of-a-kind initiative that provides a platform for young people to learn from these famous content creators across genres. These interactive sessions are important and provide the right digital infrastructure, access to the right form of engagement, and direction of talent in areas that are still in their infancy.

With the help of these strategic alliances, we hope to create a strong ecosystem and entry points for budding content producers. Not just a learning platform, we also have innovative digital creative resources including Studiobook, Zenbook Pro and Vivobook Pro laptops and related accessories designed specifically for content creators from hardware and software skills – The Creator series.

Is it a global program being introduced in India? How frequent is this initiative and how do you identify the ambassador for this program?

Paramjeet Singh Mehta: No, this is conceptualized in India and expected to be adopted globally later. We intend to run 1-2 sessions each quarter for the purpose of advising artists on content development, but we aim to run the sessions monthly in the future. We work together to choose ambassadors based on their artistic abilities, professional status, public speaking prowess, and overall presence as a teacher.

How do you plan to draw media attention to this initiative?

Paramjeet Singh Mehta: ASUS continuously strives to make ProArt Lab a go-to platform, to help the next generation create superior content and excel in their careers. The main difference from the content of other Vs. ProArt Labs learning platforms is that here participants can interact with their role model and clarify their doubts in real live interaction.

During this time, we have leveraged digital channels to promote our activities on social media by engaging with the community, and we are sharing program information through key publications, including yours. The aim is to raise awareness of the program, encourage and support the burgeoning ecosystem of Indian content creators as much as possible.

What was your reaction when you were appointed as a mentor for ASUS ProArtLabs. How will you add value and bring this differentiation in your training to your target audiences?

Joseph Radhik: I was thrilled to learn that Asus had chosen me as a mentor for their ProArt Labs initiative. It was on two counts: 1) I’m already a loyal user of Asus and ProArt devices in my creative workflow as a photographer – from laptops to monitors to input devices – my complete kit consists of of ROG, Zenbook and of course ProArt products, and 2) sharing my love for photography and everything I know about the craft is something I absolutely appreciate.

My goal as a ProArt Labs mentor is not only to impart knowledge to other creators, but also to motivate them to create more and have fun with these amazing but “serious” tools we use – our systems ProArt and our photographic equipment! Relatability is the one thing I strive for in all my teaching sessions – to simplify the craft and allow more people to get the most out of this wonderful hobby of visual storytelling.

What do you plan to cover in your sessions? At the end of the session, what will be the net result and what kind of knowledge will be imparted to the audience?

Joseph Radhik: Photography starts with understanding light, and my goal is to demystify this complex subject and allow everyone to see the world around them, the light around them in a new way. The other big thing I love about my genre of photography – people and portraits – is the ability to connect with someone new, not only to take pictures of them but also to create a new bond. . These are the two things I would like my audience to take away – a new way of seeing the light around them and a human approach to portrait photography. Of course, I also want them to have fun while they’re at it, so there are a few tips and tricks to add!