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This coveted Nike Dunk High sneaker is a free lesson in women’s sizing


Nike has been making shoes for women since 1978, when the brand launched Nike Women with a series of ads on the back of Runner’s World sports magazine. But Nike sneakers for women that men also want to wear are a relatively new phenomenon. Although sneaker culture has been growing since the 70s, the hype has transformed the industry. Versions that would otherwise have remained in stock 10 or 15 years ago are now selling out easily. In fact, some colorways are so rare that men tend to sneak into women’s sizes just to wear them.

This is the case of the Nike Dunk High “Vintage Black”. It’s a nice retro high-top sneaker that stays true to the style’s hoop roots while adopting a colorway better suited for everyday wear. Because if so, the colorful iterations are awesome, they’re harder to pair with t-shirts and pants (especially if you’re still relatively new to sneakers).

Solid white leather is the base, while semi-gloss black leather serves as the overlay. The midsole tries to replicate what a pair you’ve been holding onto since 1985 when the Dunk debuted would look like – hence the neo-vintage nude color – and the laces are designed to match (so they’re also slightly yellowed ) .

Buying a pair is not easy, however, especially for men. And it shouldn’t be, I would say. These are exclusives for women, indicated by the acronym WMNS in the name of the sneaker: the Nike Dunk High WMNS “Vintage Black”. But don’t be discouraged. Let these coveted Nike Dunks be a free lesson in women’s sizing.

Always go 1.5 sizes above your men’s shoe size for the best fit – so if you’re a 10.5 men you’ll be a women’s 12 – but if your foot is wider than a D (which is standard for men), I suggest trying on 2 full sizes. The standard women’s width is B, so you work with less space than a regular men’s shoe.

The Compromise is a tough sell for most people, but at just $125 there will likely still be plenty of buyers.

Where To Buy The Nike Dunk High WMNS ‘Vintage Black’

The Nike Dunk High WMNS ‘Vintage Black’ sneakers will be released April 7th at 10:00 AM EST via SNKRS and other retailers.

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    Nike Dunk High ‘Vintage Black’

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