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‘This guy in our women’s studies class’ – La PRAIRIE

“That Guy in Our Women Studies Class” is a memoir by Allan D. Hunter about his time in college and what he learned along the way. Hunter is an academic who focuses on writing about gender issues. Attending women’s studies classes taught her to see the world through a lens of compassion.

In college, Hunter realized it was possible to let go of prejudice by opening your mind to issues of race and gender. In struggling and trying to find an identity as a genderqueer person, Hunter discovered a world of information.

Derek Turner, the character supposed to portray Hunter in the memoirs, was pursuing a degree in women’s studies at the State University of New York (SUNY) in 1985. Taking courses in women’s studies, Derek began to question the world he grew up in. Derek had always identified as a genderqueer “chicken,” but the classes exposed him to different perspectives on gender identity. At the same time, Derek was able to learn more about others and how their experiences have shaped them.

The memoir has a section where Derek describes his life as a suburban college student. The struggles he shared were more personal, and Derek describes feeling out of place because student events are for resident students. He resolves his struggle by deciding to live on campus.

The other two sections of the book relate to Derek’s time as a resident student and graduate student. The memoir takes readers on a journey of discovery of Derek to better understand the world and make sense of his thoughts.

Professor Baxwood, professor of women’s studies, gave Derek the opportunity to find the real meaning. His class opened new doors for Derek and allowed him to continue his education to graduate school.

The memoirs highlight the influence of good friends, the benefit of taking classes that will shape your understanding, and the importance of searching for your identity. “That guy in our women’s studies class” is a true example of the power of knowledge.

I would rate the memoir five stars for creativity and for having a strong message. This is a memoir to read if you are a student unsure of what to do or what the future holds. Following Derek’s story may lead you to realize that the opportunity to find your purpose is already within your reach.

If you want to buy the memoir, it’s available at Barnes and Noble and Amazon. You can also visit the author’s website for more information.