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UP Photo Awards digital photography competition launched

The UP Photo Awards is a digital photography competition that aims to visualize the overall experience of the University of the Philippines system and community in this time of pandemic through images captured by individuals from all walks of life.

People are encouraged to submit photographs that would be iconic and permanent records of this moment in our history. It was designed by the President of the University of the Philippines, Danilo Concepcion, as he intended to create a picture book about the UP community during the pandemic.

UP is the very first institution in the Philippines to have adapted this digital photography award where the jury tabulation process is automated and remotely.

The launch date has been set for November 15, 2021, coinciding with the opening of the UP Academic Oval. The deadline is February 15, 2022. Image creators interested in participating should visit

The competition will have five categories. Each category will have a winning photo. The winning photo will receive a cash prize of twenty-five thousand pesos (PhP 25,000). Honorable mention award recipients will also be chosen from the five categories. All honorable mentions winners and recipients will be eligible to compete for the best photography award. The best photograph of the entire competition will receive a prize of one hundred thousand pesos (100,000 PhP). The images will be judged by a panel of distinguished jurors from various disciplines. The THEME is “UP in times of pandemic”.

The UP PHOTO AWARDS are the first free online photo contest in the Philippines. It uses cutting edge technology to accept nominations from anywhere in the world and is judged by a panel of reputable jurors using a proprietary voting system. The competition accepts entries from any device that can take photos, including all kinds of digital cameras, smartphones, GoPro’s, and even drones, as long as the entry meets the category guidelines.

The categories are People, Architecture, Nature, News and Pre-Covid.

The People category

This category is for people inside UP campuses. These could be images of university employees, professors, staff, utility workers, or anyone else within campus boundaries.

The Architecture category

This category is open to images of university structures. These can be images of buildings, complexes and corridors, amphitheatres and mostly empty classrooms. We anticipate creative approaches in terms of rhythm and repetitions, patterns and shapes, as well as combinations of colors and textures.

The Nature category

This category will feature images of the flora and fauna ecosystem, and animals such as migratory birds, insects and organisms that can be found inside UP campuses.

The News category

The News category is expected to be the most ‘action-packed’ category, showing how UP has dealt with Covid-19 starting with long-term lockdowns. In this category, we expect photographs of the UP Philippine General Hospital and events such as campus community pantries and gatherings, among similar photographs.

The pre-Covid category

This category is for images captured from January 1, 2019 through March 14, 2020, the day before the Philippine government instituted the first lockdown on March 15, 2020. This category is open to images that show the hectic life on campus just before the containments and quarantines.

To participate in the competition, you can create an account on the website at

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