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Where this Vancouver DJ acquired the tools to succeed and excel artistically

It’s a beautiful thing when you can identify when your huge passion for something ignited; Vancouver-based DJ Harshit Grover can do it effortlessly.

At the age of 12, he started listening to electronic dance music (EDM) artists playing at festivals and became fascinated with the energy and vibes of the genre. “I wanted to do the same thing and control the crowd and blow them up with every drop,” Grover told Daily Hive.

“It’s the best feeling ever, and at that point I started my journey to become a DJ by doing small shows and then getting bigger.” But Grover didn’t want to enter the industry just to DJ; he wanted to grow, learn more, make music and “be an audio geek”.

A Burning Curiosity

SIR. DJ (Photo: Wallace Felix Ebinuma Goes)

“I always wondered how a song was made [and] vocals are cleaned up to sound their best,” he says. “Music in movies has always inspired me and how a scene could be changed just by changing a few notes in an orchestration.”

This curiosity led him to the start of his educational journey and a degree in professional recording arts at LaSalle College in Vancouver, a boutique design school offering applied arts programs that help graduates build careers. rewarding throughout life.

“I knew what I wanted to learn, and LaSalle College in Vancouver was the perfect college for me to learn exactly what I was looking for. I wanted to know the technical aspects of sound and deepen [into] how a track is perfected in the studio before it is released for the general public,” says Grover.

“It’s always beyond me how long it takes to mix and master a track to perfect those little details.” Learning from on-campus course instructors (who are industry professionals) also gave Grover a clear sense of the intricacies of the recording arts field.

“I covered a massive course load, including how to mix, master, work for movies, do sound design, sound effects, record bands, and so much more,” he says, adding that “the industry standard equipment [and] software” helped him become a professional.

“The deadlines for submitting projects were exactly the same as in the industry, which prepares us for what is to come and how you can lose your job if the deadlines are not met,” he notes. Grover also credits the “up-to-date course material” which is in tune with a growing and ever-changing industry.

Post-graduation support

DJ Harshit Grover

SIR. DJ (Photo: Corban Daniels)

Today, in addition to being a DJ (known to many in the industry as “DJ” or “Deej”), Grover is a music producer, sound design artist, and mixing engineer. He currently works as a sound technician at LaSalle College in Vancouver in addition to being a live sound engineer at the Roxy Cabaret in Vancouver.

“LaSalle College in Vancouver has been very supportive of me,” Grover shares. “I graduated just when [the] the pandemic started and had to leave campus without a proper degree, and [it] was the same for all my friends. Six months later, when he noticed DJs all over the world coming up with creative ideas and hosting live events, he wanted to make one himself.

“My plan was to do a live broadcast from the rooftop of LaSalle College Vancouver, and well, in less than two weeks, me and my team [fellow students] did all the production,” he says. “LaSalle College in Vancouver has promoted [it]and it was a successful event.

“The fun environment, amazing studios and nice people” at LaSalle College in Vancouver are some of Grover’s favorite parts of his time at school.

“If you really want something and you have full support to do it, then follow your passion and your dreams and enroll,” he tells those considering pursuing a program at LaSalle College in Vancouver.

“You will meet a lot of industry professionals, people from different countries, [and] you will explore different industries as the campus is full of artists and collaborating with other industries will open up more opportunities.

Grover is currently working on rebranding his personal brand “MR.DJ” (his stage name) and plans to release “lots of music” in the coming months on platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music. “I release various genres like EDM, pop and orchestra for film and games,” he says, adding that he’s “excited to be working live gigs again.”

Creative insights

Grover’s Diploma in Professional Recording Arts is one of more than 35 programs LaSalle College Vancouver offers students. As an educational institution where creativity is free, it offers small class sizes led by industry experts and also has strong ties to industries here in Canada and around the world.

Offering programs in culinary arts, graphic design, animation and 3D modeling, fashion design, fashion marketing, game design, interior design, photography and many other disciplines, the LaSalle College Vancouver has something for everyone.

The institution is set to expand in the summer of 2023, with the opening of its brand new seven-story purpose-built teaching center. Located adjacent to the current campus, the new center will cover more than 108,000 square feet, with innovative labs and collaboration spaces.

If you can’t wait to see what your future might hold at LaSalle College Vancouver and explore the school’s full range of programs, visit